Welcome to 140 Erskine Ave tenants community website. This site is created for the tenants of the HOMESTEAD Upper Canada Court buildings, located at 110, 140 & 160 Erskine Avenue, Toronto, ON. A popular neighborhood for professionals, young and young-at-heart. It is a safe, clean, and respectable community that has just about everything you’d ever want.

The goal behind this website is to create a community for those tenants who live here, to give them an opportunity to share their thoughts, post reviews, give suggestions, add comments and let their voice be heard. This is an on-line community that has been created by tenants for tenants.

We are here to support you, as well as help you with your problems and issues in these buildings. This community website is here to let you voice your opinion, share your current issues with the rest of the tenants and find the best solutions using all of our experiences.

We can work together to resolve any small or large issues.

Thank You for visiting us,
140 Erskine Online Community

NOTE: Please note that we are NOT representing “HOMESTEAD Land Holdings Ltd.”. For information about this property or inquire about apartments availabilities, please visit company’s official website at http://www.homestead.ca
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